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A bit about the gallery’s building and history; it has served many purposes in its history. Computer warehouse, frame shop, pottery studio and even a slaughterhouse it has been said!

I purchased in the spring of 2000 after looking for four years in New Jersey, Bucks, Lehigh and Northampton Counties. I had my criteria for what kind of building I wanted, rental income, parking, patio space and in an arts community, coupled with some other local attractions. I renovated the rental unit first and then gallery space taking a little over one year. Trying to maintain the warehouse/loft feel for interior and being sensitive to the historic exterior. I submitted an application to Harrisburg & Washington for tax credit incentives to a historic building within a historic district and was accepted with 30% of my renovations cost reimbursed.

It was great fun searching for industrial fixtures, old doors, recycled materials and creating a beautiful comfortable space, so much so that I moved my home into the upper level of the gallery as a live-work unit.

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