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Terry Wolfson-Tighe

Terry Wolfson-Tighe

BIO for Terry Wolfson-Tighe

Terry Wolfson-Tighe studied drawing at the Art Institute of New York and painting at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Graduating with a BFA degree, she was honored with the Bocour Prize in Painting Award.
As a painting major, she developed a keen sense of color, image and design, becoming a freelance graphic designer. Eventually Terry moved into the healthcare field, using her creative writing skills to become a professional training and communications manager. However, Terry always continued to create art in the evening around her life as the mother of 3.
For Terry, art was a pathway creating unity between the world and herself. Utilizing fabric, she creates images inspired by urban and natural settings. Over the years Terry has shown in many local venues, restaurants and galleries and has created several commissioned works.
In 1991 Terry had her work published in a book about textile artists, Textile Designs Ideas and Applications by Joel Sokolov.
Terry currently resides in Easton, PA and has taken on a new role at Ahlum Gallery in Easton, PA. She has work available in the gallery in addition to being available for commissioned work by appointment.


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